Sailing, whether for recreation or in the highest competitions, should be the engine of adventures that respect the environment and the ocean. As sailing enthusiasts, we rely on a sailboat powered by wind and sun, cruising through thousands of miles, environmentally friendly and committed to conservation.

The project is also born with the intention of highlighting women in offshore and competitive sailing, as well as advocating for equality in ocean races. No Spanish woman has yet achieved breaking a world sailing record.

Magenta Project

Project Magenta is a foundation dedicated to developing pathways and creating opportunities for greater equity and inclusion in professional sailing, taking the lead with a focus on gender. Aina has been part of the offshore mentoring project, accompanied by the Swedish sailor Lena Bøymo Having. She continues to collaborate and support the cause.

Imagen del Magenta project
Presentación del proyecto de Aina en una escuela

 Valors en l’Esport del Consell de Mallorca

The project is an initiative aimed at imparting the values associated with sports to schoolchildren in Mallorca, their island.

Talks for companies, schools, associations, and clubs

When you are in the middle of the sea, a sailor must know how to find solutions to all the problems that arise with the limited resources available on board, requiring a lot of creativity and perseverance.

Talks and conferences to reflect on how everything learned in sailing can be applied to everyday life, studies, and work.

Presentación del proyecto Mini en el club de Vela Puerto de Andratx