Sponsors, collaborators, and partners.

To undertake a solo sailing project, despite what it may seem, requires a lot of support and companions, and without all of them, none of this would be possible. Discover the main supporters, sponsors, and collaborators of Aina Bauzà.

Logotipo Ànima Negra

Founded in 1994, Ànima Negra is the benchmark winery for authentic, personal, and quality wines on the island of Mallorca. Its guiding spirits are Miquel Àngel Cerdá and Pere Obrador, who have spent over 25 years spreading their philosophy of winemaking around the world. Located southeast of Mallorca, the Ànima Negra winery produces its wines at the ancient ‘possessió’ of Son Burguera. This building, near Felanitx, dates back to the 13th century and has had facilities for winemaking since its inception, initially intended to supply the consumption of the people linked to the place. This activity has persisted continuously to the present day, shaping the island landscape, geographically integrated into the Mediterranean, and making wine an emblematic product of our gastronomy.

Logotipo B&G

B&G offers competition technology to all sailors. As a leader in the racing sector, it has been a key component in the fastest sailboats worldwide, from the America’s Cup legs to the around-the-world Volvo Ocean Race. In this context, precision and accuracy are everything. A slight wind shift, a tenth of a knot change in boat speed, or choosing the right sail for the next leg can mean an unbeatable advantage. That’s why the 1063 can rely on the best instrumentation, guiding the way and helping to sail the boat as fast as possible.


Peters & May 

Peters & May has fifty years of experience delivering world-class international logistics services. It specialises in the global shipping of commercial and private vessels, as well as offering transport solutions for a wide range of cargo by air, land, and sea.

Logotipo Club de Vela Puerto de Andratx

Club de Vela Puerto de Andratx

Founded in 1968, the Club de Vela Puerto de Andratx is one of the most emblematic Yacht Clubs in the Balearic Islands. It stands out for its efforts to promote sailing and kayaking at all levels and for supporting athletes throughout their sports careers.

Logotipo PL SAILS

PL Sails

PL Sails is one of the largest sail lofts on the Iberian Peninsula. We have worked closely to design the appropriate sails to ensure that the 1063 can perform well in all conditions. They have been manufacturing sails since 1987.

Logotipo Robline

Robline® is the leading manufacturer of ropes for boats. In recent years, FSE Robline, a TEUFELBERGER brand, has increasingly focused on becoming the primary specialized supplier of ropes for sailing and nautical purposes. They have achieved this by closely collaborating with those setting the pace, serving as the official rope supplier for the most active high-performance sailing classes. The world’s top sailors challenge and support them in developing ropes that perform at their best in any situation. Direct feedback from professional sailors, combined with Robline’s extensive experience in rope manufacturing, has resulted in top-quality products.

Logotipo Gill

Gill Marine

Gill is a globally renowned nautical clothing brand, founded in 1975. They utilize a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, from XPLORE and XPLORE+ to XPEL. Their gear is designed to perform both on and around the water. Thanks to Gill, Aina and her team are equipped with the best technical clothing to face the cold and water splashes.

Logotipo Rigging Workshop

Rigging Workshop

Rigging Workshop specializes in the maintenance and repair of any element a sailboat may use for sailing. The quality of their services clearly sets them apart from the competition. That’s why the 1063 relies on their assistance to work and prepare the ropes and rigging in the most suitable way.

Logotipo Sail On Green

SailOnGreen designs, builds, and sells electric propulsion systems for boats. The 1063 is equipped with an outboard motor provided by SailOnGreen, allowing for safer movement during training and transportation.

Logotipo Balearic Helicopters

Balearic Helicopters

Balearic Helicopters is a company that provides a wide variety of helicopter services from Son Bonet aerodrome. If you want to experience a unique sensation or receive training in helicopter piloting, do not hesitate to contact them.

Logotipo Alize Boats

Alize Boats

Alize Boats offers boat rental services with and without a license. They are a young company with extensive experience in the nautical world. At Alize Boats, they organize your holidays aboard a boat, ensuring that you have an enjoyable experience. They have their own fleet of boats, both with and without a license, allowing you to explore and enjoy the Bay of Palma.

Logotipo Ronstan


Ronstan is one of the top three sail hardware brands globally, instantly recognized and respected in 45 countries. Our passionate team has worked tirelessly to develop export markets, establishing manufacturing facilities in Denmark and Indonesia, and sales offices and distribution facilities in the United States, while building strong relationships with our distributor partners worldwide.

We believe much of our success is owed to our close ties with elite racing competitors. The challenge of producing innovative, high-end equipment to meet the extreme demands of racing conditions has led to many technical advancements that have propelled us to the top.

Logotipo Ajuntament de Marratxi

Ajuntament de Marratxi

Marratxí is located in the heart of Mallorca. It is where Aina grew up and received her education. The municipality’s council supports local athletes, enabling them to continue developing their sports careers.

Logotipo Alisios

Alisios Sailing

Alisios Sailing is a company specialized in the sale, manufacturing, and repair of all types of materials for sail and motorboats. Comprising experts in this sport, they are trained to advise and assist you in finding the best product or service for your boat. The 1063 relies on Alisios Sailing to select the best equipment and go with the finest materials for crossing the Atlantic.

Logotipo Sinergy

Synergy Inox

Founded as Synergy Nox S.L. in 2010, it is a company dedicated to providing highly precise metallurgical services. The 1063 has enlisted their services to reinforce the boat in the best possible way to prevent breakages under adverse conditions.

Astilleros de Mallorca

Astilleros de Mallorca

Founded in 1942, Astilleros de Mallorca is a fully equipped and specialized shipyard, providing a wide range of services, from refurbishment and repair to consultation and technical expertise, procurement of spare parts and equipment, and planned maintenance management.


Founded in 2005 by a group of MIT engineers, Genasun manufactures highly advanced MPPT solar charge controllers that provide the power you need when you need it most.

Logotipo NV Charts

NV Charts

NV Charts is the largest publisher of nautical charts in Germany, specializing for 40 years in producing high-quality nautical charts and top-notch navigation software for recreational boating.

logotipo Loft Customs

 Loft Customs

Loft Customs offers high-quality custom textile products for the marine industry, specializing in racing yachts and superyachts in grand prix regattas.


Aku Palma

Founded in 1992, Acumuladores Palma S.L is a company dedicated to the distribution of batteries and energy solutions in the Balearic Islands.

logotipo Expedition maritime

Expedition Marine

The Expedition navigation software has been used in multiple events such as the Volvo Ocean Race, America’s Cup, and Grand Prix, making it the most advanced software available.


OmniAccess was founded in Palma de Mallorca in 2001 as a Wifi/Wimax provider for superyachts in several Ports in Palma and the Mediterranean. The company’s roots in networking and IT lead to its venture in to LAN services whilst still providing superyachts with WAN solutions. Their close relationship with their clients and new satellite broadband technology lead to VSAT service provisioning.


Predict Wind

PredictWind is a totally unique weather forecasting product. Developed by professionals to bring the highest quality tools and forecasts to sailors all around the world. Now local sailors around the world can have the same information as winning Americas Cup teams.

logotipo Torveo

Torveo Fotografía

Óscar Torveo is a nautical photographer specialized in regatta and sports event photography. Passionate about the sea and sailing.



Canariaswaypoint is born with the intention of assisting all sailors during their passage through the Canary Islands. Transfers by sea or transportation on merchant ships of yachts with the sole premise of the safety of the vessel and its crew, considering delivery deadlines and economic costs.

Logotipo de BCS Seguros

BCS Correduría de Seguros

BCS is a professional insurance brokerage founded by Bartolomé Company Sansó, whose main objective is to ensure exceptional service quality to its clients through a deep understanding of their needs, insurance products, and applicable regulations.