A year with many nautical miles under the keel.

10 de August de 2023

With the arrival of the Puru Transcascogne, Aina Bauzà and Redó by Ànima Negra conclude the mini-season with over 2,000 nautical miles under the keel in just four months.

From the 100 Milles entre Illes, where she secured third place, to the Solo Med 2023, marked by strong winds and the suspension of the last stage, and finally the iconic Puru Transcascogne, where she managed to enter at the last moment.

These months have been filled with emotions, hard work, little sleep, many adventures, and learning from competitors and friends. In the recent races, Aina has not only added miles but also gained valuable experience sailing two-handed with great sailors like Dídac Costa and the Canadian Sylvan Kapinski.

Now it’s time to fly home, recharge, and prepare for the Atlantic crossing. Redó by Ànima Negra is ready, and so is Aina.

Thanks to everyone who makes it possible!

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Don’t miss the extensive report broadcasted by the IB3 program Gent de la mar, where impressive images of the mini in navigation can be seen.

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