Crossing the Atlantic solo in an attempt to break a world record

6 de February de 2024
Aina Bauzà

The Mallorcan sailor Aina Bauzà aims to break a world record: to be the fastest to complete the route linking Cadiz and San Salvador (Bahamas), unassisted, aboard a 6.5-meter-long vessel.

In 2023, Aina narrowly missed participating in the legendary Mini-Transat, but she is determined not to stay ashore and is considering crossing the ocean solo to fulfill her dream of making her first Atlantic crossing with her Mini 6.50 Redó by Ánima Negra. Beyond a personal challenge, the Mallorcan sailor from the Club de Vela Puerto de Andratx aims to set a record: to be the fastest to complete the route linking Cadiz and San Salvador (Bahamas), unassisted, aboard a 6.5-meter-long vessel, and she will share the journey live. The departure is scheduled for March 3rd.

The time to beat is 21 days, 11 hours, 18 minutes, and 25 seconds, at an average speed of 7.54 knots. The body responsible for Sailing World Records is the World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC), affiliated with the International Sailing Federation (World Sailing). They will be responsible for validating that the record is achieved under the established conditions in the regulations.

A navigation in extreme conditions

High-sea navigations are epic adventures filled with emotions and often become the legacy of solo sailors and a few enthusiasts of the sport. It encompasses all the ingredients of a good story, where a person for whom we endure a lot goes beyond the myriad adventures and challenges that the sea presents. Living inside the vessel is a real challenge. Far from the comforts of a larger boat, the Mini 6.50 reduces vital needs to the essential. The diet relies on preserved food without refrigeration, and preparation is limited to adding boiling water, always aiming to keep the weight to a minimum. Bathing involves a bucket, and the bed consists of sails not in use during navigation, which, in the best case, will be dry. Fatigue and lack of sleep are other dangers faced by sailors.

Follow the navigation live

Aina will have a satellite connection and you will be able to follow the adventure in streaming. Weather updates, the route, or anything happening will be transmitted through Aina’s various channels on social media.

Photography: Luis González
Infographic: Núria Liras