Aina Bauzà exhibits the Redó by Ànima Negre at the Palma International Boat Show.

20 de April de 2023
  • “Bauzà is the first woman from the Balearic Islands to compete solo in offshore sailing
  • After reaching the podium in the first race of the season, the 100 Milles entre Illes competition, Aina Bauzà will be at the PIBS to present her project.

The Palma International Boat Show will showcase a wide variety of boats and projects from April 27 to 30 at Moll Vell de Palma, reaffirming its commitment to supporting the most alternative projects. Among the nearly 200 boats on display during the show, one standout is the ‘Redó by Ànima Negre’ owned by Aina Bauzà. With only 6.50 meters in length, it is one of the fastest boats for crossing the Atlantic under sail relative to its length.

Aina Bauzà from the Club de Vela Port d’Andratx in Mallorca has made the sea her life, both professionally and personally. Since starting competitive sailing, she has continuously added nautical miles, and now she is preparing for the next challenge: crossing the Atlantic solo. Such a challenge involves dedicating all seven days of the week to preparation, learning, training, preparing the boat, and, above all, getting physically and mentally ready. It requires investing all time and energy into the endeavor.

One of the few women competing in such extreme conditions.

Bauzà is the first woman from the Balearic Islands to compete solo in offshore sailing. Women in nautical pursuits, especially in extreme navigations, are still relatively few. Out of the 90 participants in the Mini Transat, only 1 in 10 are women, and only 5 women have done it before in Spain. Aina follows in the footsteps of role models like Anna Corbella, Pilar Passanau, or Djemila Tassin.

The challange: La Mini Transat

Aina Bauzà’s next major step is to participate in the Mini Transat, a solo and unassisted navigation with minimal onboard comforts: dry sails turned into a bed, a bucket as a bathroom, freeze-dried food, and rigorous training to sleep only in short 20-minute naps for weeks. The Mini 6.50 class comprises 6.5-meter sailboats, among the smallest and fastest but also physically demanding. In this case, Redó by Ànima Negre is a Vector, a highly technical vessel known for its round bow design. Aina will face a route of about 4,000 nautical miles in two stages, with the first being more technical from Les Sables-d’Olonne to the Canary Islands, and the second, more endurance-focused, heading to the Caribbean.

The sailor from Port d’Andratx Sailing Club in Mallorca has been preparing for this challenge for a year, and the final races in the Mediterranean and France are still ahead. The next event on the agenda: the 700-mile solo SoloMed race scheduled to depart on May 8th from Barcelona.

One day in a Mini 6.50

In order to share the experience of sailing on such a competitive and technical vessel, Aina Bauzà will raffle off a Mini sailing experience among the visitors of the boat show who come to learn about the project on the upcoming days, April 27, 28, 29, and 30. The winner will be announced on April 30 at 7 pm.

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