Aina Bauzà completes a second lap around Italy in a Figaro 3.

20 de November de 2023

The Mallorcan sailor has participated in the Giro d’Italia a Vela Nastro Rosa Tour with the American Ambre Hasson, achieving a fourth position.

Last Wednesday, after 9 days and 10 hours of racing, the team formed by Aina Bauza and Ambre Hasson crossed the finish line of the Giro d’Italia a Vela Nastro Rosa Tour in fourth position. After nearly 1500 miles without stops along the entire Italian coast.

The ten crews sailed with Beneteau Figaro 3, a 30-foot monohull one-design with foils designed for racing, departing from Venice on November 5, sailing along the country, crossing the Sicilian Channel, to reach Genoa.

On this occasion, the regatta tested the skippers with highly variable wind and temperature conditions: moments with over 40 knots of wind and others where it was practically impossible to make progress.

“This year was especially challenging; from the beginning, it was very intense. Right after leaving Venice, we already had winds approaching 30 knots and very unpredictable. That forced us to constantly change sails. Days with little wind were few, and the intensity of the race doesn’t allow you to rest,” comments Aina, who completed the race for the second time. In 2022, she secured a second position alongside the Italian Cecilia Zorzi. “The boats are completely identical, and after 1200 miles, the 7 remaining boats in the competition were within less than 10 miles of each other.” The harsh conditions led to 3 of the competing teams abandoning before reaching Sicily.

This time, Aina sailed alongside the energetic and creative 30-year-old American Ambre Hasson, who, just three years ago, left her profession in the New York technology sector to discover and intensely experience the ocean and sailing. “It has been a pleasure to sail with Ambre; she is a very skilled sailor, and despite her never having sailed in a Figaro before, we made a great team.” A successful partnership that we will surely see sailing together again.

La Mini transat 2023

While Aina and Ambre were sailing through Italy, the first participants were reaching the finish line of the Mini Transat 2023. Although neither of them could take part in it, they celebrated the safe arrival of all their classmates. Ultimately, the undisputed winners of this edition were the training partners from Base Mini Barcelona, with Fede Waksman in first place and Carlos Manera in second. Congratulations to them and everyone who achieved this accomplishment!