Aina Bauzà, 1,500 miles away from completing her journey.

21 de March de 2024

One week away from arriving in the Bahamas, the sailor from the Andratx Sailing Club is just 1,500 miles away from her destination.

Mallorcan sailor Aina Bauzà has shared her day-to-day solo sailing experience in the Atlantic with thousands of followers. She has already sailed more than 3,000 miles, and so far, her journey has been exciting and far from boring.

During these days at sea, Aina has faced various weather conditions, from calm seas to headwinds and occasional showers.

The satellite connection, sponsored by Omniaccess, has allowed her to make five live connections with media outlets, sharing her experience in real-time.

Despite facing some breakdowns along the way, including the repair of the outrigger and a self-resetting fuse, Aina has managed to solve the onboard problems, demonstrating her skill and knowledge of the boat.

She is broadcasting this entire adventure through social media and live streams on YouTube, which are increasingly capturing the interest of more followers. The journey is sparking curiosity and interest. In fact, when departing from Les Sables d’Olonne, Aina’s Instagram profile had just over 3,000 followers, but today it has reached 11,000.

Follow the adventure live, monitor the wind conditions, sailing speed, and track the Redó by Ànima Negra. You can also download the YB Tracking app from the Play Store or the Apple Store and follow her from your phone at any time.

With still 1,500 miles ahead, Aina finds herself planning with the trade winds, where her boat performs best, surfing the waves.

The Mallorcan sailor expresses her gratitude for the support and company of her followers during this journey in the vast Atlantic, inviting them to continue following her exciting voyage to the Bahamas.