The challenge: cross the Atlantic in 2023

The challenge 2023

Cross the Atlantic in 2023

Solo and unassisted in one of the smallest and fastest small boats in the world.

The Mallorcan sailor Aina Bauza (Palma, 1994) is preparing to cross the Atlantic solo, without assistance in a 6.5-meter boat.  If she succeeds, she will be the first Balearic woman to cross the Atlantic solo and without assistance.

The challenge: cross the Atlantic in 2023

To be able to cross the Atlantic with my Mini 6.5. This 2022 I have fulfilled the requirements: to complete more than 2000 miles in regatta and 1,000 miles solo, always aboard my inseparable "Redó by Anima Negra".

From September 2023, I will join a whole saga of Balearic sailors who have already faced this challenge in the past, such as Hugo Ramón, José Linares, Nacho Postigo or Felip Moll.

But my participation will have a special historical significance by becoming the first woman born in the Balearic Islands to participate in this demanding challenge.